Your first meeting with police

The police will try their best to intimidate the suspect into confessing the crime. Here are the common tactics used by them:

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Your First Meeting With The Police: In most cases, the police will arrive at your door in the early hours of the morning while all of you are half asleep, and will attempt to take you, and members of your family to the police station. Friday mornings or the day before public/court holidays are another favorite time the police choose to get you. They do this, as they can prevent you from being presented before a magistrate, depriving you of a chance to apply for bail on the same day. This will allow them to hold you in custody over the weekend and really tighten the screws. Be assured, the police have been bribed to their gills and this is the norm, rather than the exception. The police personnel who show up at the door will give you their word and tell you that they will lay down their life to protect you and that you must accompany them. Believe them at your peril. They will say they need to arrest you if you don?t accompany them. They will do what ever it takes to get you to the police station. Depending upon your social standing, the police may also resort to coercive tactics, which means you may very well be beaten up. Be calm when dealing with the police. Do not show any fear or confusion. They are the Indian Police and not the Gestapo or the KGB. They have no right to hurt you or assault you in anyway. You are protected by the constitution. At that time and place, this may sound unrealistic. Trust me, you are protected and the police know it. All the same, they will intimidate and threaten you. If they assault you, make sure that you record the proof of it on a cell phone camera, at the least. The police can be nailed for abusing their power. Do your best to maintain the upper hand. Don?t think in terms of human rights. They mean nothing. You need to think and speak in terms of Fundamental Rights. Your Fundamental Rights are guaranteed. It takes confidence, courage, and quick wittedness to confound the police. You can do it. The policemen who show up at your door will be underlings. Wait till you meet the Police Inspector (SHO). The main drama will take place in the Station House.

Initially, the police will say that they want to take you in for counseling to the police station. If you get to the police station, you will possibly find your spouse and her relatives there. Invariably, the demands will be along the lines of reconciliation or they will ask you to pay up a sum of money to settle the issue. The police will attempt to mediate a settlement. If this fails, you will be taken into custody along with most or all the members of your family who have been accused. If all your efforts to stand off an arrest fail, then you will need to go to the police station. It may be in the city or in the districts.

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