Motives for filing a 498a cases

If 498a is imminent, start collecting proofs in forms of letters, audios and videos, next step is to post your question in our yahoo group so that people who have already experienced 498a can provide you a helping hand. Plan Your Wedding | Work From Home

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  1. Money: The girl and her family can easily walk away with half of your fortune , by scaring your family of 498a
  2. Revenge: The girl just want take revenge on you and your sister , mother ,etc.
  3. Guilt: She has done something which she should not have done, so she wants to get out of marriage with good chunk of your wealth, DNA test is not allowed by court
  4. Still in love with her ex boyfriend
  5. Control: She wants to control you like a slave
  6. Marry boyfriend: She wants to settle with her unemployed boy friend with a chunk of your wealth
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