Getting prepared for a 498a case

If you are getting threatened of filing false 498A case against you. Start collecting proofs in forms of letters, audios and videos, next step is to post your question in our yahoo group so that people who have already experienced 498a can provide you a helping hand. Plan Your Wedding | Work From Home

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  1. Start gathering evidences in the form of letters, photos, videos and witnesses.
  2. If possible provide money to your wife via cheque , keep a copy of the cheque with you
  3. Write registered letters to DGP of your state,Mahila Commision,etc. and keep a copy of them with you - this will save you from arbitary arrest
  4. Apply for anticipatory bail. Get it for all members of your family.
  5. This is a criminal case; get a criminal lawyer with a good reputation, not a divorce lawyer.
  6. Talk to people around you , send email to tv channel like aajtak,ibnlive ,etc.
  7. Have at least Rs 50000/- cash with you.
  8. In the event of an arrest and bail being denied by the lower court, file 3 applications for regular bail in the lower court, district court and the High Court
  9. Talk to people who have already undergone false 498a harrasment.
  10. You need to start treating your spouse like an enemy. Any weakness shown will cost your dearly.
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