How to prepare yourself for arrest

Now time to prepare for arrest , you should do the following:

If 498a is imminent, start collecting proofs in forms of letters, audios and videos, next step is to post your question in our yahoo group so that people who have already experienced 498a can provide you a helping hand. Plan Your Wedding | Work From Home
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  1. Take some snacks and water with you.
  2. Take your cell phone and its charger. Make sure you have the number of your lawyer stored. If it is a prepaid phone, ensure that it is charged to the max extent. Pay off the cops to do these minor things.
  3. Mosquito repellent. The police station will be infested with them .
  4. Keep some cash with you, but don?t take any valuables like jewellery. Don?t have anything flashy on you.
  5. If any member of your family is on medication, ensure that you take these along.
  6. Pack a set of clothes handy to be delivered fast if needed. Pack for 5 days if approached on a Friday.
  7. Take a book. The Bhagavad-Gita, Bible or the Koran, or anything else of interest to keep you engaged. You will grow close to your god in these trying times.
  8. Take a notepad and pen to list your feelings with timelines. It will come in useful if you need to recollect the facts in a courtroom or several years down the line when you get to nail her under Section 182 of IPC.
  9. Inform a trusted friend.
  10. Get the name of the police inspector and his contact info such as cell, phone number in the station.
  11. Get the police station address and phone numbers that you are being taken to. It is your right to know.
  12. Get the names of the SP, ASP and any other superior officer and their contact info.
  13. Try to get a copy of the FIR. You have the right to know what you are being charged with.
  14. Keep a copy of this document with you. It will be a useful reference, especially with regard to your rights.
  15. Do not accompany the police to the station, at least, not without being escorted with your lawyer
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